Sunday, August 05, 2001

*Breathes Deeply...*

Gracie and I sat down last night and thru the process of elimination, moved the Blogger tags and Archives info to the left side, deleted the right columns and made the blog area bigger. This template is very complicated...and I hope to do more changes as I feel more confident...I would REALLY like to show my individual archives on the front page again, but it doesn't look like it's gonna happen.

Anyways, yesterday was pleasant. I finished up my AVON stuff and had Jennifer over for Subway and icecream, then beat them both at Monopoly. Man, when those two gang up on you, it SUCKS! *grin*

Today we are going over to Toni and Rob's and the Grandparents are cooking for us to thank us for the staining job on the bedroom set. That should be a blast. Gracie's knees are much better, she is getting around great, albeit slower than her normal self. She has updated her blog and I will hopefully coax her into blogging more often.

Well, with today, this concludes my vacation for this year. I really wished I could've gone to Arizona, but with the weather down there, it might be a blessing. Love out to my Kendall B. Willis and W. Ken Stein... hope all is well with you boys. (What is it with me and guys from Arizona named Ken? *LOL* Is it like drama chic's and gay men?)

SMOOCHELS! Blog ya later.

Oh, and Scottie, thanks for the kind words about me in your Favorite Blogs section. You are a doll!


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