Friday, August 10, 2001

In My World...

We got rid of Qwest, the asses. We now have AT&T local service, thank gawd. They have all their kinks worked out now, and they were a helleva lot cheaper. Got to keep our numbers, too.

I also got rid of my bank. I had a savings and a checking account with BankOne. They were chargin' me $1/month for a savings account, $6/month for a checking account and $3 PER TRANSFER to transfer money from my saving to checking. I linked my accounts so they could pull money from savings to checking if they needed to cover a check, and they actually CHARGED me to use my OWN MONEY!! Forget THAT.

My rant for the evening is how banks get away with these fees. Doesn't anyone check their statements to see these fees, and if so, why would anyone stay with a bank who does this? I am going with Zions Bank (I have a friend who works there and can get me a good deal) or America First CU. Any opinions on this subject?

LORENE: Get your knee fixed. SCOTT: Much love out to you in your time of temp-roomie crisis. Don't worry, brother, it will all be over soon. TONI: Hug Rob for me. MICHELLE: UPDATE YOUR GAWD-DAMNED BLOG!! DYLAN: You're a stud.


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