Thursday, February 26, 2004

Thank You for your Patience...
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It will be rewarded.

I've been piled on at work, stack atop of endless stack. The trouble all started when the Powers decided I could assimilate another function into my job... and eliminate an entire position. Double the workload, no raise to compensate because I am in probationary status, bonus for management, guaranteed overtime for me, whether or not I want it. Okay, I will do my best, and see what I am made of.

I was given assurances. Oh, yes, I was given plenty of assurances that someone new would be hired to take care of my "overflow". In fact, they hired her. But, as God (read: Management) giveth, He also takes away and she's being trained for something else entirely. And they won't be hiring again for another few months.


So, when my co-worker came to my cubie first thing yesterday morning and said, "I was told you are now going to review all copy requests before they go out (about 100/day)" I had hit boiling point. This had previously been her job.

I reared around on my highbacked swivel chair and spat, "And when do YOU think I can get to that? Before the 500 transactions I need to post today, the nine new batches I need to review, the hundred or so EOB's I need to distribute or the $300k in credit balances I need to refund, since I AM doing 2 people's jobs now?"

It wasn't pretty.

I have since apologized (profusely - I think a hug was involved, too), and I think my supervisor heard me, because as I was going through the copy requests and my co-worker was showing me how to review them, the supervisor came over and asked to take them. Good.

Later in the afternoon, our department had a "productivity meeting" with my boss and the boss' boss. I sat between the two of them like some management sandwich. During the meeting, I noticed something interesting. Both of the bosses were giving direction to the rest of the staff on shortcuts and helpful tips to assist me... items that would make my life easier when their work fell on my desk. I was stunned, but elated. Even the little things can make such a big difference.

Oh, let me also point out a crick in this whole deal. I have had ZERO guidance from my supervisor as to how she wants me to do the new element to my job. I made my own forms, process, and everything since I have had NO training. So far, every snag encountered has had a solution. I am somewhat pleased.

So, buried or not, I plug away, plan on overtime (envisioning Alaska in the distance), knowing the reason they gave this to me is because I can do this. I can do this! And I will.


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