Thursday, June 17, 2004

I Am Terribly Sad

And I am truly beside myself.

She's decided she needed to move on. I can understand that, I think we all get to that point. She wanted her privacy, wanted to begin a new life with her, the woman she dubbed "The One". She took down her blog.


No more Saturday morning chats. No more lusting over Angelina, "sweating" over Keith's lyrics, talking trash about everything and everyone while eating oatmeal after taking Patches for a walk.

No more Cancer hotline, text messages that get me in trouble with the wife or jokes about the size of my chest. No more joking about plans to fly to SF and "leave my shit at the airport".

Big Sigh.

I am happy for her and M. I am pleased she has found someone that a lot of people out there only dream exists and never find. But I feel like a big chunk has been ripped out of my heart. You know when you talk with someone who just gets you? Well, there ya go. That was her to me.

Farewell, my online buddy. You'll always be my grrl... Call me if you ever need to chat. You got the digits. Be sure you don't lose them.

I guess it just proves the theory that everyone I care for will eventually leave. And people wonder why I have trust issues...

Makes me wonder why I even have a blog myself. I mean, really. The only one who reads it is my wife and my kid. Maybe I oughta take a vacation from it... just food for thought.


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