Thursday, June 10, 2004

And Then there were Four

Lots has been going on in my neck of the woods lately, and I am terribly sorry that I haven’t gotten on this stupid blog before now.

Let’s see, let’s see… Work is pretty crazy right now. Our fiscal year end is coming up at the end of June and ALL money needs to be collected and posted in our system by midnight on the 30th of June. Period. Done. And with millions coming in – and no way to know how much in any given day – I have been offered the illustrious OVERTIME! My new department doesn’t get overtime, that was reserved for my old unit, but I was given the green light to put in as much OT as I want. As much as I want! All I can think of is the Alaska Fund. Plus, we are eligible for a double bonus this month, so the collectors are really going at it. Feasibly, we could earn an extra $300 on our last paycheck in July, not counting the OT I can accumulate before then. Hell yeah! I cleared my entire schedule from the 14th on so that I can work at least 2 hours OT each day, if not more. All my OT and all my bonus money is going straight to the Alaska savings account. My goal is to put away another $1,000 before we leave. That way, I can buy Lindi something nice in Alaska.

Speaking of Lindi, her 35th Birthday is coming up and I am thinking of having a small dinner party at our house, maybe just 4 people or so. Something quiet and nice. She got an early birthday present yesterday, however: A 7-week old kitten named… are you ready for this? … Mini. Yes, the M names continue. A lady at work is moving this week and she has such a big heart; she’s rescued 4 cats that need to have homes, including a very, very young mama kitty with two babies, who was living in a rock quarry up the mountain by Riverton, and a year-old female from a warehouse that was being shut down. Her new place only alows two dogs and two cats, so she needs to adopt out as many of her cats as she can, and she will take the two cats who don’t get adopted. She also has a GORGEOUS medium haired Siamese male who is simply the most beautiful cat I have ever seen. My heart sunk into my stomach because I really really wanted to take him, too, but I knew Lindi needed a kitten. But cross your fingers… Lorene might take him when she and Dylan get their house!

Mini is black, grey and white, and her coloring will come in a little better soon, she’s a bit muddied right now. I watched her and her sister play for a good half hour to see how they interacted with one another and with the bigger cats. I fell in love with Mini. Good, even-tempered, inquisitive, very playful and affectionate, and not whiney in the least. But the clincher? She only has half a tail! Her tail literally fell off after birth, so it’s one of those quirky things that happen to kittens from time to time. (Hense the name Mini – as in Mini-tail) My friend from work said that I didn’t have to take the one without a tail, but I let her know that I have no superstitions when it comes to cats, as they are all touched by angels, and I would see which one spoke to me. Mini spoke loud and clear. Her eyes were bright and alert and her face was just the most precious thing in the world! So, we gave her a bath (no crying at all, very relaxed) and I took her home. My friend even gave her a gift bag to put her in to give to Lindi. If you can picture a kitten with her head poking up above a bag with the paws hanging over the sides, it was adorable! And Lindi fell in love at first sight.

Yes, there are pictures.

The most interesting thing happened when I brought Mini home. Miss HATED her, which I was expecting, but my lovable Mister did everything but sit on the kitten and try to nurse. He followed her around, sniffing and trying to be loving, even placing himself between Miss and Mini so Miss would leave the kitten in peace. He ran to get Mickey to show him the new baby. My little peacemaker. I am so happy I have Mister. He’s my angel.

Now, the truly remarkable thing is Mickey, our virtual cat. He was sleeping under our bed, which is his norm, and when we let Mini walk around on the floor, she poked her head under the bed and met Mickey. Lindi and I held our breaths and the next thing I hear is the sound of Mickey meowing at Mini in a talking way. Not one growl or hiss or anything. He was talking to her in a very pleasant, comforting way. And Mini didn’t run away from him, she just sat there and let Mickey talk to her. I just grinned. This might be what Mickey needs. (Yes, Lorene, you told me so)

She slept on our bed with no problems, except when Lindi left for work and Mini decided it was “bite Cuddly Mama’s Toes” time. Argh. Cute little thing. When I did get up for work and put Mini on the floor, Miss hissed and growled, Mister kicked Miss out of the room, and Mickey and Mister took turns stalking the kitten. My boys. More of a mother hen that my girl. Go figure.

So Mini is spending the day with the Little Mom (Sarah) and hopefully doing some more bonding with the Boys.

Miss, Mister, Mickey and Mini. Gawd, we are cheesy.

I see Mother Sugar again today for my second session. I really don’t think I need to go, but I don’t want to get out of the habit of going. It’s a tool I should use even if I don’t think I need it. I will have to cancel the appointment after this because of working OT, but that will be okay. I have effectively canceled my water aerobics, too, for the time being. That’s alright, it’s there when I can go, I am not worried about it. Between working, working OT, working USANA (I picked up 8 concerts) and volunteering for the Don’t Amend campaign, I think I have my plate full.

This weekend will be interesting. Friday night, I work a concert at USANA, Saturday I am manning a booth at KRCL’s Day in the Park for “Don’t Amend” and Sunday is Pride. Sarah has invited one of her friends to spend the night and then go to Pride Day with us. I talked to her friend’s mom and it’s kosher (you know how some parents can be). Jessica’s mom was great, “I would hope I raised her not to judge others and be open to everyone and be respectful of other’s lives.” Right on. So it will be nice to have someone her own age to walk around with. I have a 2-hour booth shift from 11-1 but then I am free!

Much love out to V, cancer-schmancer, you beat it! You told me you wouldn’t have chemo, and look at you – no chemo! Not even radiation! You have a skilled surgeon and a whole team of people behind you sending you positive energy. You are loved and we are grateful. Get better soon!

Drink of the day: Skinny Caramel Cafe
CD on the Playa: Favorite Country Love Songs from the 80's-90's


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