Monday, May 31, 2004

What a Wonderful Memorial Day Weekend!

Poor Lindi has to work all weekend. And I am not talking about a 9-5. She has to be up and out of the house by 4:30am most mornings with the exception of tomorrow... she has to be out of the house by 3:30am. It's month end, and her assistant is off in Las Vegas for the Madonna concert. Can I say I am jealous? (BTW, Madonna is a plaguerist - a hot plaguerist, but one nonetheless... one day people will understand there aren't any original ideas out there anymore - we just reuse and recycle...)

Thursday night, we were given a call from Deanna and asked if we could breifly kitty sit for her brother. We were the foster parents of 4 month old "Biggie", a name we didn't know until the next morning, so we were calling him everything else under the sun. He was adorable! And he adored Lindi. He would jump up on the bed and run the length of Lindi's body until he got to her face and then just stare at her... or plop himself on her head. He was completely comfortable with everyone and even took to sleeping on Sarah's back when we were watching TV...

Friday was uneventful. Sarah wasn't feeling well, so she slept most of the night away after her migraine, so we laid low. Both Lindi and Sarah had to work on Saturday, so I was home alone. I got to talk with Tre for a little while and discussed the positive values of a tongue piercing (heh heh), then ran to the store for the makings of homemade chicken pot pie with rolls for dinner. My sister and brother in law stopped by, and got to witness the creation of the pie itself, and I think they were impressed (chuckle). I love visiting with my sister. She's such a crack up. Plus, she got to go to the Styx concert at Usana the other night... they are great in concert. Sarah spent the night with Grandma, so Lindi and I were able to have an evening alone, which was very nice. My pot pie turned out wonderful!! We ended up in bed at 9 since Lindi had to be up so early.

On Sunday, Lindi and I awoke at 4am, I fixed her some toast and stayed awake with her to help her get up and out the door. I tried to go back to sleep but I definately couldn't, so I grabbed some sweats and ran to Village Inn, picked up breakfast and met Lindi at her store to have breakfast with her while watching the sunrise. It was very reminiscent of our dating days when I would spend the night at her house and she would have to go to work in the morning... and I wouldn't want to go home. It was a great morning.

I went home and napped until about 10:30, then woke up and had bonding time with my babies. Miss and Mister were getting along great and I was pleasantly surprised to see Mickey out and about! He actually came over next to me and sniffed my extended hand - but wouldn't get close enough for me to pet him. He just rubbed up and down the side of my bed. I really didn't want to push the issue, but it seems he's starting to come out more often. And the cutest things I've ever seen - Mister (my little gentleman) loves to clean Miss. He must be a neat freak. I actually saw him cleaning Mickey... and Mickey let him! Miceky stayed close to my bed and actually took a nap right next to me while I was dozing. Great steps. When I woke up a couple horus later, I gave them their weekly treat (a plate of soft food - only available when Big Mom and The Kid aren't home... special Cuddly Mom treat).

Sarah came home from her Grandma's around 11:30am. She cleaned like a mad woman to await the arrival of Jessica and Jennifer, her two friends, for a sleepover. Since Grandma and Grandpa were in Wendover for a golfing tournament, I hosted Sunday Family Dinner at our place. I made spaghetti with meat sauce, homemade garlic bread and the girls made Oatmeal Scotchie cookies for dessert. Bill and Beth brought a beautiful garden green salad and we ate and enjoyed each others company... then watched Blazing Saddles. Good God, I forgot how funny that movie was!

So, this morning, one of the girls has gone home, and we have adopted the other to stay with us through our throw together pot-luck BBQ with the neighbors. Even Lindi doesn't know we're doing one! I'm making potato salad and we still have a ton of the beautiful green salad from last night and BBQ chicken (1.97/lb for boneless skiness chicken breasts at Albertsons! Go get some!)

I am just enjoying the day with my Diet Coke and Law and Order Marathon until Lindi gets home. Then more food and more friends!!

Hope everyone has a safe and happy Memorial Day!


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