Friday, May 28, 2004

I Knew this would Happen...

I am a schmuck. Seriously. All the time.

I have a friend who is now the Volunteer Coordinator for the Don't Amend campaign, sponsored by Equality Utah. Basically, Utah is trying to pass the same Consitutional Amendment locally that Dubya is trying to get passed Nationally. Their job is to reveal the amendment for what it is - bad news.

Anyway, she just got the job on Monday.

And as of today, Friday, I have been appointed a Volunteer Captain. Well, more like, begged to be a Volunteer Captain.

Keeeeeriiist Almighty.

At least I will feel like I am doing something. It will remind me of my College Days campaigning and getting all active up in this shit.

Now I need to go buy a black suit jacket. And blouses. And nylons. Argh.


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