Tuesday, May 25, 2004

No, Are you Serious?

Will the real Andy Kaufman Please Stand Up?

I am all for performance art. But if this is real, then we have just experienced the most dramatic performance art of our generation.

Andy Kaufman is alive. And he has a blog.

At least, that's what the press release says.

Here's a snippet: "Andy says that he plans to maintain his low key lifestyle that he has led for the past twenty years. He has resumed contact with friends and family. Fearing the possibility of this scenario and the potential for another hoax, Kaufman's family has contracted with independent auditors Ernst & Young to determine if this in fact the real Andy Kaufman. He has subjected himself to medical examination and submitted DNA, hair, blood and fingerprint samples to the auditors. Ernst & Young and the Kaufman family report that with a 99% probability, this is indeed the real Andy Kaufman. His mother says, "It's good to have Andy back."

WTF??!?! Is this for REAL?!?!

If so, I'll bet he's pissed that SNL sucks so hard core.


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