Monday, May 24, 2004

I tried some other templates

I Tried Some other Templates...

But I really didn't care for them too much, so I am still working on it. So, in the meantime, I put my old standby back up. Argh.

Things are well. Quiet weekend, a two+ hour phone conversation with the lovely Tre, and time with the family. We saw Shrek II and I would highly recommend it to those with a good sense of humour. There was a lot for the adult set, parody's and other fun things besides it being a kid's movie. I think it's probably better than the first one.

I put in my request for vacation in August, and I am so exited. Looks like I will be able to accumulate about 29 hours in comp time prior to my vacation so I won't have to use the whole 54 hours I have accrued at once. Plus, comp time accumulates at time and a half, and since I have to stay later twice a week before my water aerobics class, I might as well work it. We will see how that goes over, but I am sure it will be no problemo.

Water aerobics! Can I say I am totally thrilled? Tonight is class, tomorrow is my appt with Mother Sugar and Wednesday is class again. Wow. I have a life! I had to invest in a day planner so I could keep track of my appointments. It's really cute, too.

Oh, and the new Alanis CD ROCKS! I love it completely!

Sarah made herself a blog. Welcome to the new generation of bloggers!

Hope your Monday is a good one!

Drink of the day: House Cafe' with Irish Creme and a banana
CD on the Playa: Alanis So-Called Chaos


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