Thursday, May 27, 2004

The Day After...

I wasn't doing well yesterday, so I stayed home with the wifey. Back was killing me, and my medication made me sick to my stomach hard core. I slept and watched TV, that was pretty much the extent of my day.

Our plane tickets for Alaska are bought, our rooms in Seattle are being reserved, and my one day of fishing is booked! I am so excited to deep sea fish in Alaska. I don't care if I do anything else but fish for five hours. I will be happy! It looks like our stateroom will be perfect, even though there is no elevator access. That's okay, it's either up one flight or down one flight to most activities. I am so stoked.

Looks like we will be spending the night in Seattle on the night of the 7th and again the night of the 15th. Looks like I'd better get in touch with Alicia so we can meet up!

And, as predicted, Fantasia won American Idol. I knew Diana didn't have the fan base to pull that one off. Like I'd said before, it would have been interesting to see LaToya and Fantasia in the final two. I am pleased, Fantasia is a great singer, with amazing talent. I can't wait for the CD's to start coming out.

And I still like Kelly Clarkson the best.

Gore is not happy with Bush. Big shock. But his comments are right on the money. "The unpleasant truth is that President Bush's utter incompetence has made the world a far more dangerous place and dramatically increased the threat of terrorist attacks against the United States." Well said.

Oh, and go here to get in on the cosmetics settlement. I did.

Drink of the day: Diet Coke
CD on the Playa:Kelly Clarkson Thankful


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