Friday, October 22, 2004

Tired, Jittery and Annoyed

Last cigarette: 10:00 pm. Patch: 14 mg, 7:30 am. Coffee, donut, generally annoyed.

That pretty much sums up the morning.

I really didn’t want to quit smoking today, so this is annoying. A friend at work told me that after my surgery, she would take me to Victoria Secret and buy me a new red bra, so that is my motivator. I’ve never owned a red bra before. I am going to get a picture and put it on my computer to focus my mind on it. THIS is the reason I am quitting, itty-bitty boobies and the start of a whole new me. It’s not a pleasant surgery, but I know I can get through it. I have a terrific partner and family – they will be there for me.

I need to get my will and powers of attorney finished before surgery. I called around and found a couple of “gay friendly” attorneys willing to do the paperwork. One would charge us $600 apiece for will, medical and durable powers of attorney and living wills. Ouch. Another charges $500 per couple, as long as there isn’t any custody or estate issues involved. I know I can file everything but a will on my own, so maybe I will do that and call our family attorney and make sure I’ve done it right and ask her about just drafting a basic will. I can’t believe I have to do all this just to make sure Lindi and I are protected in case of the worst. It’s not that I have anything of value, but Lindi should be able to make any decisions and not be prohibited from it in any way, including organ donation.


This weekend should be interesting. Tomorrow, I pick up my 2001 Saturn in “Pimp Daddy” Gold to try out for the weekend. If I like it, I’ll get it. If not, nothing lost. It might help with the quitting smoking if I am in a new car. I’m not sure of the model, but I am really hoping it’s a 3 door or a 4 door. My dad is going over to check it out today, and if he has a good feeling about it, then I am sure it’s great.

My parent’s neighbor (who we’ve known for 15 years) owns a body shop that specializes in Dodge and Saturn. He is the one who has done ALL the body-work repairs on my Intrepid. He purchased this car online from California, initially for “parts” as he was told it was in an accident. When it arrived, the only thing wrong with it was the front bumper, the grill and the radiator. The airbags hadn’t even been deployed. Nothing was wrong with the other engine components or the frame, and he personally aligned the car. If I remember right, Lorene loves Saturns because of their crumple zones and safety, and this car is proof of that. A little body work, a new radiator and viola! He says it’s a beauty. Lindi thinks California drivers are snobs if they think that car should have been sold for parts.

Our neighbor is even guaranteeing the car for one year – parts AND labor. Can’t get that at a used car lot – and certianly not for 6 grand. Plus, I know he did the work personally, and he is a perfectionist. He’s even going to take my 94 Intrepid as a trade in, although he’s not sure what he can give me for it. Hey, at this point, I would pay him to take it to the junk heap in the sky. Don’t get me wrong, I adore my car, but Vanna II has lived for 10 years, 140,000 miles, two road trips to Vegas and Phoenix, one accident, two fender benders, and a new transmission… it’s time to put her to sleep.

Saturday night, Lindi and I are going to the Titanic Exhibit and then shopping at the Gateway. It should be a lovely evening. If we don’t kill each other. She quit smoking, too, you see.


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