Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Wonderful Memorial Weekend

For this first time in a long time, Lindi had TWO DAYS OFF to spend with us. It was wonderful to have some good family time. We had an X-box marathon on Saturday, went to the theatre to see Madagascar on Sunday and to the cemetary on Monday despite the weather. After the cemetary, we stopped over to Winder Dairy for some icecream before heading home for a BBQ with the neighbors. All in all, not a bad weekend, just kinda bleh.

As far as Madagascar, it's okay, but I would wait to see it in the dollar theatre. I know why they are hyping it sooo much - lack of content - and the need to make up the millions they spent making it. Animation was good, voices were good, the plot was really weird. Slapstick Animation. Anywho, rent it (don't buy it) or see it in the dollar theatres.

I would say the best part of the movie was the company (heh heh) and the "special" child a couple rows in front of us. Her laugh was LOUD, contageous and you couldn't help but get caught up in her fascination. She wasn't rude and laughed at appropriate times. She was a delight.


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