Tuesday, August 09, 2005

On Saturday, it was a Virgo Moon...

Virgo with Virgo rising... hmmm... poor Lindi. I see some of me in this, but not all. Hmmm. Maybe I'm just lazy.

You will know if your lover has a Virgo Moon, if she constantly has to analyze everything. This includes how much toothpaste is used per year, what is the best method to clean the rug, and where the furniture should be placed for maximum comfort. The DVD?s will be in alphabetical order, the sheets folded tight, and the floors spotless. So how do you live with such a perfectionist? Let her do what she needs to do and pick-up after yourself! See, these womyn need to be useful! And they are very useful to have around, too! Count yourself lucky to have a Martha Stewart running the household. If you?re smart you will turn over all the bills to her too. It?s no use just letting the cash sit there when it can be working for you, right?

Speaking of work, these womyn are powerhouses. No other sign can crank out as much as a Virgo?because they are driven to get things done. This doesn?t mean they are the CEO type though, they prefer to work in the back where the real work gets done. They don?t need the spotlight like the Leo types and they don?t need the success like the Capricorn types. They just work for the love of work?really! I?m serious! Pay them a decent wage and they will happily churn through piles of paper like no other employee around. Not that they are obsessed or anything, they just can?t stand inefficiency. And if you doubt this, just take a peek at their bookcase. It will be filled with personal improvement books like, The Purpose Driven Life, The Power of Intention, The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, and so on, and so forth. You get the drift.
--Lunar Muse


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