Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Oh, Thank the Goddess

FINALLY. I seem to have gotten all the touches to my blog completed. I am sure I will continue to work on it, but, ya know. Willing and open to suggestions.

So. I bet you all are wondering what has been happening in my life lately. You know, sometimes, I wonder that myself. I look around and think "how have I gotten here?" More importantly, I wonder, "where am I going?"

Last week was a bad week for me physically. Monday night, I had a bit of pain, so i took some medication and ended up sleeping in the fetal position. NOT good for me to do. When I woke up, I had pain everywhere from my breasts to my neck and back. So I took a little medication to relax all those cramping and spasming muscles - and started throwing up. It was nasty. By the time I was done, I had ripped all the muscles in my chest wall. It wasn't pleasant. I was in such bad shape, I even spent the night at my Mother's house. Yes, I was a hurtin' puppy.

I did (after some loving coaxing from Lindi) go to the doctor on Friday. She was so sweet and referred me to a Chiropractor. Not just any chiropractor - HER chiropractor. She said she thinks that a light adjustment and massage therapy would do me good. Okay, no problem.

I went to her Chiro yesterday - and she wasn't kidding. He was the most gentle man I have ever seen. He asked questions, didn't just start popping and cracking. He told me he wouldn't adjust any part of my body I wasn't comfortable with - and he was very true to his word. I brought in my MRI and that was very helpful to him. He gently adjusted my back, putting my shoulder blades and rib cage back where they should be. I cried from relief. He then had me lay down with the TENS (electrical stimulator) machine on a "roller table" to relax my back and chest muscles. It was wonderful!

Plus, when you walk in, it's like walking to a spa - plants, fresh flowers, bottled water for their clients. A 30 minute massage is included with an adjustment and it's covered by my insurance. If I want a full hour, I can pay an additional $25.

I started to get a little headache from all the new movement, but home, ice and a wonderful manicotti dinner made by Lindi fixed that right up!

So, I am at work(even though I would rather be at home), in less pain and waiting to get off work so I can go to... a JOB INTERVIEW for eBay! Yeah, I am excited. Partner Benefits. Gay Environment. Fraud division. Yeah, it's where I belong. Send me your well wishes and good thoughts!


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