Monday, July 11, 2005

Wonderful Birthday

We had a wonderful Birthday Weekend for Lindi. Saturday, she had to work, but her crew threw her a surprise party, complete with gifts and a huge cake. She was very spoiled and appreciated every moment. Saturday night, we met up with a group of Lindi’s friends and had dinner at Village Inn, and stayed over 2 ½ hours! Wow, it was so wonderful to be with such an uplifting group of women. Conversation never stopped and we enjoyed the company immensely.

We had planned to drive to Idaho for a road trip on Sunday for Lindi’s birthday, but decided at the last minute not to make the drive. Instead, we took her car to the car wash, washed it and vacuumed it out really well, then headed up Emigration Canyon to Ruth’s Diner for a leisurely brunch. We waited 40 minutes for an outside table, but we didn’t mind. We sat in the lounge chairs and people watched, listening to the birds and genuinely enjoying each other’s company. Our brunch was spectacular (Banana Walnut French Toast and Eggs Benedict), even if the kitchen accidentally gave away our food to another couple and we had to wait longer. We stayed at Brunch for 2 hours, and the waitress was so appalled with the kitchen staff, she removed our drinks from the ticket, which was pretty sizeable since I had a house Café Mocha – with refills!

After brunch, we kept driving up Immigration and explored the back side of the road, finding out that there’s another café back there as well as beautiful canyon scenery. The loop wraps around the back of Emigration and meets up with Parley’s Canyon, so when we got there, we took Parley’s Canyon up to Park City and went shopping at the Outlet malls! We walked casually around, parking the car, and going into each and every store that fit our fancy. Lindi and I both got new Converse shoes (and my feet thank me) as well as a very bountiful trip to the Big Dog store and Lenox for a beautiful gift for her mother.

With our fruits of labor in tow, we headed back down the canyon to visit with Lindi’s mom (her birthday is on the 11th), grab a bag of bean burritos and sit in front of the TV with Ocean’s Twelve on DVD and relax our poor tired feet.

Lindi told me what a perfect birthday she had, which made me so happy. She wanted to get away from the city, get up in the mountains, and clear her head. We were like two kids falling in love all over again, and truth be told, I probably did fall in love with her again. It was all about just being with one another, not necessarily what we were doing.


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