Monday, July 18, 2005

Reunion Weekend

Friday evening, I picked up Sarah and Lindi and we headed to the ballpark for Day One of the reunion. We were in for a double-header AAA baseball game and dinner. We met up with the Reunion Committee and some friends who came early in front of the park. It was really warm, so I was glad I had brought my visor and worse long pants to protect my lily-white skin!

Our picnic consisted of hotdogs, hamburgers, chips and side dishes under a canopy. We were given t-shirt and water bottles, all printed with our emblem and reunion dates. I only ran into a couple of people I hadn’t seen in a while, but it was a great time, nonetheless. The stadium was extremely hot, so we moved to upper seats to escape the sun. We enjoyed the games and left around 10pm since we were so very tired.

Saturday night was the official reunion. I had made ‘In Rememberance Of’ books for three of our classmates who passed away. Their families provided pictures and little profiles of them and their lives after high school. In these books, I had room for people to write memories of them to take back to their families. The Memorial Table looked beautiful, with a framed collage of pictures of all the classmates who passed away, and another framed page encouraging people to write words to their families. It was really pretty.

When we entered the Hilton Ballroom, we were given our Memory Books with all the profiles of the classmates (at least, those who submitted them…) which was really entertaining to read. I helped a little with the set up and then headed straight for the cash bar. Lindi was so very patient with me, since I was a crazy biotch most of the day. We drank a couple and chatted with some friends until we were ready to be seated in the ballroom.

The tables were decorated with small treasure chests filled with gold coins. Each place setting had a small packet of mints with the container emblazened with our mascot and “Cyprus High 15-year Reunion.” The lights were turned down a bit and the tables were lit up with candles. It was so classy and elegant, I was very impressed.

We started out with dinner, garden salads and rolls, lemon caper chicken or roast beef in burgundy mushroom sauce, with garlic mashed potatoes and steamed veggies, and cheesecake or chocolate cake for dessert. The meal was wonderful, I must admit. Then came the festivities, hosted by our class clown, who made the perfect Emcee. He welcomed everyone, then turned the mic over to me so I could announce the Memory Table and encourage those who have attended to please sign the books for their families. Lucius (the emcee) asked me to come up and wrapped his arms around me very warmly and said, “Damn, girl, you are looking good!” I smiled and told him thanks you, then when he handed me the mic, I said, “I don’t know about you, but I think Lucius looks BETTER now than he did in high school!” Everyone whooped and hollered and I said, “Hey Lucius, my room number is 1427…” I didn’t think anyone heard my last comment, but it became the theme for the rest of the evening, while Lucius was interviewing people during the raffle… he would come up on an attractive woman and ask if she was single and wanted to meet us in room 1427… I thought it was hilarious.

We had some great raffle prizes, from Arby's gift certificates, all the way to a spa getaway for two at the Venetian in Vegas. My sister contributed a beautiful $150 basket full of AVON products, and my friend Dee contributed a detailing from her business, both BIG hits at the raffle.

The highlight of the evening was the end of the raffle prizes (which were wonderful). We called 10 members from the audience to come up to the stage and handed them packets as their prize and told them they all had to stand in a line and then they would be told what they had won. Our reunion committee chairwoman said, “Ready for your prize? Class of 1990, meet your Reunion Committee for 2010!” Everyone laughed and screamed, it was so funny and unexpected. The people who were chosen looked dumbfounded and some of them were excited to be on the committee. I loved it because there is no doubt WHO is on the committee – we know it and they know it!

Dancing, drinking and lots of hugs were the order of the night and we left happy and fulfilled at 11pm. I can’t wait to see the pictures.

So, now my life can get back to normal. Yeah, right.


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