Saturday, August 12, 2006

Changes and more changes

Sorry I haven't been posting for some time now. I just haven't had the motivation, so many things going on around here! You will see changes on the template of my blog as I update it. Please be Patient!

Work - great. Family - drama yet good. Health - depends on the day, unfortunately.

I have been involved in a group recently called Soldier's Angels and have adopted a soldier in Afghanistan and sent her cards packages and letters often. She's a single mom and it's really been rewarding helping someone feel that they are appreciated.

I have also been pretty involved with my team at work - planning potlucks and trying to get them to invest more in their work. It seems to have done the trick - our produictivity was up 25% in June - phenominal. I was awarded Top Contributor for July, which was very nice. We had a "Pirate Party" which was a blast and I received a gorgeous laser embossed coffee mug as my award. Pretty nifty.

So, I best get outta here. Losts to do - looking forward to relaxing at the Meat Fest tonight!


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