Saturday, May 06, 2006

Cakes and Such

I have always wanted to try fondant cake decorating. I have never had a class or anything so I thought I would just research it on the internet, buy some supplies and go.

First off, the supplies are endless, and expensive, but a great investment. The internet had TONS of information for me, to make it all a little easier, not to mention a fabulous cake supply store who answered all my questions.

I followed the directions and gave myself 3 days to create the masterpieces – the first day was for shaping the fondant accents, the second day was actually baking the cakes and storing them overnight for the best results and the third was putting it all together. I didn’t quite like the instructions on how to make fondant roses, so I ended up doing my own things, which turned out better than planned. I decorated with edible pearls as well.

I made two 9” round cakes for my friends for their birthdays. Dawn’s cake was in light blue with yellow roses and April’s was purple with pink roses. Here is how they turned out.

Out of those two cakes, I was asked to make wedding cakes for two co-workers in a few months.

I was proud of myself, but wanted to do a little better. So I researched and went back to the cake supply store for more direction. I found some adhesive that was clear, sprayable paint, luster dust, which adds a pearlesque quality to the fondant and some better tools.

I then surprised Chet yesterday with his own creation. My first double tiered, stacked, filled fondant creation!

The picture doesn’t do it justice – the pearl strings are higher (and cut off). The edible pearls run the length of the ribbon and the luster dust made it simply beautiful. I forgot the ruffle at the bottom of the cake – my bad.

All in all – pretty pleased! Shane and I were talking about taking a class – I want to get some tips and tricks of the trade.


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