Saturday, April 01, 2006

Up and At 'Em

Not really.

Lindi is back to normal, so to speak. She just has to wear her braces at night, but she is at least able to hold a fork now.

Plus, she has done such a fabulolus job at 21st south, they decided to transfer her to a new location to work her magic. Get this - they gave her 24 hours. She will now be the manager at the 900 East 2100 So location - with a PlayLand. She is *ahem* thrilled.

Her staff gave her a send off just short of a parade - she came home with roses and a new tie and cologne and cards and balloons - they are going to miss her terribly. And I know she will miss them.

It's amazing what happens when you create a team - and you touch people's lives. I am so proud of her. She is their golden child and will do so well at her new store!

I guess my body was pretty pissed off at me and decided now would be a GREAT time for pnemonia. I just got back from the Urgent Care Center. Cough syrup, antibiotics, inhaler, decongestant - I am all drugged up. Yay for me. I can't go back to work until Wednesday - that will be a full 4 days off work. That scares me to no end, but I am in no condition to be at work anyway.

So, I guess the computer will entertain me - I am already sick of the TV.

My tired love Lindi softly snoring next to me - up at 3am and taking care of me all night. She is truly a beautiful work of art and I am blessed. Blessed, blessed, blessed.

Mister V trying to help me type on the laptop, rolling on his back so I can scratch his belly - and loves to watch the mouse moving. I made a small mistake and tried to pick Mickey up tonight. He firmly let me know he didn't like it. Now he's not talking to me. Oh, well. Had to try.

My back hurts. My legs ache. But at least I am not coughing up a lung anymore or struggling to breathe. I feel like I am shakey inside. I know it's the albuterol.

Mister thinks it's time for me to rest. He has purposefully curled himself into a ball in my lap making it almost impossible to type. He soooo wants to mother me. He knows I am sick. He is right, time for sleep.

Love out to everyone - I hope you are all in health and happiness!


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