Thursday, March 16, 2006

My Two Cents on the L Word

So, I really don’t know what to say. After this last episode of The L word, I am really not sure it will ever be the same or if I will even watch it. I know, me, the L word Fanatic, but I don’t like their story decision. I can’t believe they thought Dana’s character was so expendable that they could just kill her off, especially when Dana and Alice seemed to be getting things back together.

I know all the blah blah blah about how bad breast cancer is and all that crap, Hello, my family and I have lived it. But I really think the thing to show was a strong woman getting breast cancer and BEATING it, not dying.

The show revolves in these little circles and without one of the main focuses, Dana, it’s going to be this polluted former being of what it really was. Dana was the one character most of us could relate to in some way – at the beginning, newly out and discovering herself, falling in love with the wrong woman, falling in love with a best friend… everything. To remove her character is to remove that which is really the essence of every one of us out there.

hey better have a plan, or they are losing a devoted fan. And no, I am not kidding. I wanted the L word to be more than just a “spine tingling” gossip series. I wanted it to reflect real lives, real women. Yes, I am not stupid and I know death is a part of that, but to remove the character the majority of the people who watch it relate to the most – it takes the realness, the heart out of the show.

Is it going to become one of those tired old soap opera shows where there is a new band playing at the Planet every week and Shane and Carmen cheat on each other all the time, and Bette (predictably) finds peace and becomes stronger, and Tina (predictably) wants to sleep with men now and they fight over Angelica… I mean really.

We needed a story of triumph, not defeat. We have enough defeat in our lives, we needed to show that women have the strength to beat it. We all know women beat it every day - my mother and I included. We all know women die - both of my grandmothers. It's how we portray the struggle that defines us.

Showtime and it’s writers let us all down.


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