Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Wednesday, Success and Pain

Sorry I haven't kept up on writing lately, things have been so crazy. I am eating well, and have stayed on my meal plan, drinking more water and cooking dinner for my family with healthy, nutritious meals, which is so fun. I feel like I am really accompishing something here! A pleasant side trip to treating my body well has been a nice 5.2 total weight loss, for a total weight of 339.8.

I went in for a treatment on my back yesterday, one I was not so thrilled about having. I have a herniated disc in my upper back and a reptured disc in my lower back, causing me to have pain down both legs when I walk or sleep. Good news is that my latest MRI showed no change for the past two years, so my radical breast reduction did a lot of help.

I went in for what I thought was a routine spinal cortizone injection. I couldn't have been more wrong. Under an x-ray machine, the doctor did two injections, on each side of the nerve, in my ass. Yeah for me, I thought. First he numbed it with a lidocaine injection (burning pain) then had to insert the spinal needle into my spine, sharp horrible pain for about 2 minutes. Then he injected the lidocain/steriod mix, which made it feel like I had the worst charlie horse ever in my ass and back of my thigh - and I couldn't move. I couldn't move my head, my arms, anything. I was crying and swearing and when it was all over, I got to do it again on the other side. One of the side effects of the injection is fever and an increase of appetite. So I made sure I had lots of water and rice cakes to help me make it through the rough times.

I couldn't sleep last night for more than 20 minutes at a time, and drank a lot of water as a result, which made me have to pee every hour like a madman. Today, I feel better at the injection site, but I am still sore and agitated, so I am still taking it quite easy.

I am optimistic that my meal plan, my attitude and my treatment are going to do well for me. My sister brought over a bunch of healthy goodies for me for my meal plan and books for research and planning for my meals, which I love her for more than life itself. She is so very good to me.

Love out to everyone, I hope this finds you in health and happiness!


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