Wednesday, March 15, 2006


My day started with snuggling with Lindi til we had to go to work, a nice drive in, a weigh in with a 2.2 lb LOSS (For a total of 13.6) and meeting a new friend here at work who is family. All in all just a fabu day.

Tomorrow, on the other hand, my mom has to go in for a D&C and I am not thrilled about that. I think eventually they are going to have to do an entire hysterectomy, but at least, fo rnow, this is least invasive.

And Sarah is turning 17 on Monday... the same day as Lindi's surgery. I will be off most of next week, so I hope to catch y'all long enough to let you know how she is doing and what is going on with us at the house. I will probably have some time to blog, who knows!

Love out to Lorene (I hope you gain some power and energy soon...) and all my friends who I haven't seen in so long. I miss you all.

And to Maine. Because he smells of Bacon.


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