Sunday, March 19, 2006

Getting Prepared

Well, the countdown has begun.

Lindi's surgery is scheduled for 12:00, it should take about 45 minutes to an hour and then an hour in recovery. They said she probably won't be knocked out, they will do a spinal block, so she won't have to be put under, which is great.

She is having a carpal tunnel release on both wrists through the use of a scope instead of having her wrists cut open completely. (The link also has a video - it's pretty cool) The healing time is reduced by half if not more, depending on the success. I really hope they won't have to convert to an open procedure for any reason.

So, we have made sure she has jammies that she can get on and off easily, our DVD collection is growing, and our friend Dawn is bringing us dinner tomorrow night, which is really sweet of her. (I meet the best people here at eBay). I went grocery shopping yesterday and stocked up our kitchen so I won't have to leave the house unless it's an emergency.

Last night we had a beautiful steak, baked potato and califlower dinner to build up her iron and protein to help her with her healing. The cats enjoyed their little pieces of steak, too!

Speaking of cats, our little abused baby Mickey (aka Clover) has really come out of his shell lately. He is letting me pet him daily now, and even lets me brush him (as long as I strech my arm out and he doesn't have to be held). The other day, he let me cuddle with him on Sarah's bed, pick him up, take him to my bed and cuddle with him there for about 5 minutes. Trust me, this is a HUGE step toward normalcy for this cat.

Since then, he greets me every morning while I pee (it's a ritual for all my cats, but now he's the first one in for morning loves). I couldn't be more pleased with his progress. I do need to et him into the groomer, though. Because he spends most of his time behind the couch, his back fur is matted, and my limited brushing isn't going to help him. I am worried about the skin underneath not breathing and him suffering from sores. As soon as the weather warms up a bit, he will be my shaved lion kitty!

Anyway, gotsta get back to work. I brought in some homemade salsa and we are discussing gay rights and snow days. It truly is a wonderful day here at eBay!

Feel free to give us a call on my cell (if you want to the digits, email me) for updates and/or to schedule visits. We are taking DVD and dinner donations (wink).


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