Saturday, September 16, 2006

Eventful Birthday!

I had Goldie washed, gassed, packed and ready to go by the time Lindi came home from work. She changed and off we headed to Wendover!

We had a great time. Lindi couldn't lose! We played the slots side by side and were up the first day (I came down the second day) and fell in love with the Gold Nugget. The room was beautiful (and free) and we really enjoyed ourselves. I learned how to bet on football games and lost my first bet (Lindi won) and have another ticket out there for this weeks games.

My favorite game was Hexbreaker and the motto was "Change your luck!" There were 13 lines you could play for 13 cents. All the symbols are connected with bad luck or jinx of some sort, which I totally dug. The number 13, spilled salt, stepping on a crack, and broken mirrors. There was also a beautiful black cat named "HooDoo" who carried you through out the game (whenever I got low on money, I would whisper, Here kitty kitty... and here he would come)!

If you received 4 broken mirrors on your screen, you were taken to the Room of Mirrors Bonus where you chose 5 mirrors and received the points behind them. (See picture) If you receive two ladders, you were taken on another bonus which included HooDoo jumping on the rungs of a ladder based on the number the ouija board chose. When HooDoo landed on a rung, you received the points total for that step. Then you would do it again... and again... until HooDoo caught the crow at the top or hit a step he had already hit. I loved HooDoo and wanted to take him home.

We left late on Tuesday night, about 6ish and were in the Valley by 8. I went to sleep and woke up feeling not so good. I could feel a headache coming on, so I stayed off work. By Thursday, I awoke to a full on migraine. Lindi's mom took me to the ER where they gave me a nice Morphine cocktail and sent me home. Friday, I woke at 6am and did it all over again. Lindi took me in, the did a CT Scan and they gave me demerol.

Lucky for me, I awoke this morning with a dull throb and not a full blown migraine - or I might have killed something. I have a little Lortab in me to keep the migraine pushed back until tonight, when I can sleep some more. Lindi and Sarah are going to the Fair, I am just not up for it. Hopefully, they will run into the gang!

Oh, and THANKS TRE, TONI, and LORENE for my birthday and ecards. You made my day! Love you!


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