Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Friday night = Pampered Chef Night and what a night we had. Denise's House was full of friends and we had a great time with appetizers and Margaritas. We had a lot of laughs, and it was a fantastic time.

Saturday Night Lindi, Sarah and I went over to our friend Lisa's house for a Halloween party and had a really fun time, then dropped over to D and T's house and played drunken poker 'til 2 in the morning! We had such an amazing time with our friends. Oh, man, we were tired on Sunday.

Monday was my first day back at work and I kinda felt like I was back "home." Everyone was so fantastic to me and although my work load isn't too much, it's a whole different ballgame being back in the office. Open Enrollment is in full swing, I'll tell ya.

On a more personal level:

I've been working on moving on and moving away - away from those who have been close to me and who are no longer, those whose life paths have deviated into harmful ways, those who no longer enrich my life, those who claim to be beside me in life but who are really non-involved, those who no longer share in a common good, those who say they respect my spiritual path and yet openly mock it, those who have hurt me whether it be intentional or otherwise, those who have made no effort in friendship over the past year but still claim friendship...

Moving into communing with those who have been with me in my journey and who understand my truth, moving with those who see what I am doing spiritually and respect the path I walk, encircling those who encircle me, and accepting me, with flaws and perfections, as a beautiful human being, seeking truth and love and willing to give both to those who are willing to do the same. It's a lot harder than one would think, I can tell you that.

My Manifestation of Today: Releasing Things and Those who Seek to do me Harm

~ I lovingly observe my attachment to my anger against those who offend me, and against my own thoughts and feelings that offend me.

~ I lovingly release this resentment and open myself to faith that, in community with others, I can respond creatively and compassionately.

~ I lovingly observe my attachments to my own body, mind, ego, thoughts, and feelings. I lovingly observe my attachments to other people and things, the way I become unconsciously absorbed with them. I notice the ways I think and act as if I own them.

~ I lovingly release my own body, my so-called possessions, my ego, thoughts, and feelings. I lovingly release my clinging to other people and things.

~ I open myself to loving myself and all other people and creatures and things, as free, sacred, miraculous beings. I open myself to delight in them, to enjoy them, to honor them, and to serve them as they may have need and as I am able.

~ I open myself to Love in all it's forms. I open myself to feel the divinity within myself and Love as the very essence of my being, to enjoy and serve mankind with my awe and my actions.


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