Monday, August 20, 2007

I am Delighted. Simply Delighted!

Wow. Sometimes I feel like I need to return to work just to get away from my weekend.

Thursday was the sushi outing with the Sushi Crew... PSara, Kyle, TM, Christopher, Chris, Shane and Christian. We visited a new little establishment, I heart Sushi at about 350 South State. It was very, very good - even compelte with green tea ice cream. Shane, Christian and I were in rare form, Napoleon Dynamite references, and funny, funny jokes abounding. Dinner is always better with gay men, for some reason.

Friday evening was pizza and movie night for me and Lindi. I rented a movie I was told everyone must see documentary, Jesus Camp. (You can also go here) Let's put it this way, I thought I knew about evangelical christians from going to Bible school and Bible camp when I was younger. I was sorely mistaken. Jesus Camp takes you through an Evangelical Bible Camp (Kids on Fire) and shows you how they are teaching their children to be "Warriors for God." It shows you a "home schooling" environment, a church environment, even young kids preaching helfire and damnation. It is profoundly disturbing.

Hey, I am all for being whatever religion you choose and devoting your life to it. When you start brainwashing and indoctrinating 5-6-7 year olds to pray to George Bush to stop abortion when they don't even know how babies are made, and tell children that age that they are phonies and fakes and they better get on their knees and start praying for forgiveness, and they do it, that seems more like emotional child abuse to me. You can convince a child of anything. It doesn't make it right.

Saturday, I was a little down in the dumps, so I decided to cleanm the kitchen and make two recipes I had never made before from the Food Network. I also went shopping for ingredients to make Baby Baklavas and some phyllo turnovers and tyropitakia (cheese triangles). I bought way too much phyllo dough for the baklava for Christopher's wedding, so I have to use it up!

I made Cream Cheese pie (I used fresh strawberries for the top instead of pie filling - it turned out beautifully) and Chicken Georgia. MMMmmm.

Sunday morning, I got up before Lindi and went to the store to fill our kitchen with snacks and drinks for her upcoming "Pre-Season Football/Couch" day. We had just finished our breakfast when my mom called to tell us she was going to the hospital because she was severely dehyrated and in a lot of pain. We arrived just as the doctor was finishing up his evaluation, and both he and her nurse took excellent care of her. She was doing much, much better by the time she went home. We were there until about 4. Then we went to Lindi's parents for a BBQ at 6 that evening. We were pretty tired little campers when we collapsed that night.

My birthday weekend is shaping up pretty nicely. Friday the 7th, a bunch of friends are meeting at Go Sushi for dinner, Saturday during the day might be a movie with some other friends, Saturday Night will be a party at Mo Diggity's and Sunday will be the big family dinner at the Old Spaghetti Factory. I love my birthday. Love, love, LOVE it!

This week will be baking and finishing up a little book I am making for Dawn with her wedding pictures. I finally got the digital pictures printed, so I can begin. I am so excited!

Question of the day: If you were stranded for 7 years on a desert island and could only have one food, what would it be?


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