Monday, August 13, 2007

B, eleven, B, B, eleven...

OK - friday night Bingo with the Cyber Sluts was AMAZING! We had such a fun time. We were joined by Christopher and Teinamarrie, Aiden, PSarah and her boyfriend Kyle. It looked like there were about 50-75 people in the gymnasium of the First Baptist Church, surrounded by the loverly Cyber Sluts, trying not to get charged with a "party foul" that would require any patron to run around the gym and beg for cash in order to continue to keep playing. Party Fouls included marking the center space without being told you could, elbows on the table, calling a BINGO when you didn't have one, or not standing up and spinning around when you only have one more space left to Bingo. HILARIOUS! They served Hot Dogs, drinks, chips and candy for $1 - we easily spent just $20 on food and Bingo cards, and another $20 on Party Fouls and donations. $40 per couple for 3 hours of Gay-tastic entertainment is a dang good deal if you ask me.

All money goes to a selected charity of the evening, and Friday night was no exception, raising about $1,200 for the Center and one other Charity. Whoot!

Saturday, we both worked. Nuff said.

Sunday, we went to church at the South Valley Unitarian Universalist Society. We had a very nice time. The Universalists are a group of people who, well, basically believe that we all believe differently, should support one another, sustain our environment and have our own journey to enlightenment. There are people who have a Christian faith base, Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist, Wiccan (both modern and oldstyle pagan influenced) and everywhere in between. They gather to offer worship and support to one another. The alter is decorated differently each week, and done by the parishoners. It was very interesting.

They also sponsored a pancake breakfast (delicioso!) and invite newcomers to eat without donation - our presence was donation enough. I thought that was sweet. We got to sit down and talk with the Reverend and just get a feel for the place. Lindi didn't get that feeling she was looking for, so we may check out some other churches.

The Unitarian church is unique in that it doesn't teach you what to think, it encourages you TO think. They are also one of the very opening LGBT churches in existence. We had a lovely time.

This week is going to be a little busy, but I think it will be fun. Tuesday, my business partner and I are going to meet to discuss our future plans for the website. Thursday will be sushi at a new sushi place (yay!). And all this week will be putting things on eBay for TM, and generally cleaning up our house. We need to get some rooms painted.

My birthday parties are coming together nicely. I ordered my b-day cake from the same lovely lady (Rep Christine Johsnon) who did TM's wedding cake and I am really excited. I call it a "Twinkie" cake because her white cake tastes just like my favorite little snack. Plus, it's going to be in pink. Love it. TM is also checking into the club to see if the owner will do a little cover charge discount and the money can go to charity. She's pretty sure she can make it happen. Lindi's got the "family" party locked down at the Old Spaghetti Factory.

I love my birthday!


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