Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Good Week - Crappy Weekend

Let's just say these past 7 days have been an adventure.

Work has been progressively more challenging, and yet, much more entertaining. I have definately found out who is in my corner. I actually had my boss tell me "If Connie's ain't happy, ain't no one is happy..." Glad she realized it! Just kidding. The new pilot program is working really well and I feel my client is really under control and I have the support I need, which is always fabulous.

Lindi had a great time in Vegas, learned a lot, taught me a lot of what she learned loved the new bedroom and is now going to teach others in her organization.

I ended up catching the massively bad cold that was going around the office, probably because of my stress level. I took a half-day off on Wednesday, was ok on Thursday, then couldn't speak when I woke up on Friday! This virus ripped right through my head and chest and I laid, practically motionless, in bed until yesterday. Today was my first day back at work, and although it was hard, I am glad I came in and got things caught back up.

I had another meeting with the Manager today and we are working on a career path to get me promoted in 6 months, then promoted again in another 6 months. He said it is agressive but definately do-able.

And last, but not least, my 35th is coming up soon! It looks like Lindi is planning a dinner-outing on the 9th for family and best friends and Teinamarrie might be helping me plan a bigger friends get together on the 8th. It's been so long since I've seen some of my friends, it's crazy.

I've come to terms with some hurtful realizations recently about some so-called "friends", who really aren't anymore, and just kinda let them fall by the wayside, on purpose. There is only so many times you can invite a person to participate in your life, you know? So, I am letting go, trying to find peace with it all, and I am sure they don't even realize what they have lost while losing me. And in fact, I wish them only the best in life, because to wish them otherwise would only be harmful to me.

There comes a point when you realize, hey, I am almost 35 and I am not the geeky little 15 year old I used to be. I don't need to run my life my anyone else's approval. Either you want to enjoy my company, or you don't. Either way, I will continue to move and grow and become and be. I don't need to live in your shell of shallowness, I can express myself and be wonderful! I don't have to fit your definition of a "worthy" person. I was born worthy.

I don't know what I would have done for sanity in the past few months without the phone calls and emails from those who love and support me. To be honored by participating in two weddings of people who are such a joy to my life and have always shown their true colors - it's breathtaking. To be sought out for my opinion and company has been wonderful. You know who you are and you are the BEST!


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