Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Highlights of a 07/07/07 Wedding

One bridesmaid didn't show. One bridesmaid passed out. Other than that - C&T's wedding was FABULOUS! And we are exhausted... still.

Our Saturday morning started with the gathering of clothes, and cutting of 15 pounds of hard cheeses for the cheese tray. We arrived at the church at 11am for rehearsal and decorating. Logistically, Lindi was in charge of turning a sanctuary of 150 chairs into 11 tables with chairs surrounding them in 15 minutes, so she was planning that while we were tying ribbon on bottles of bubbles and wrapping candy bars.

The day actually went very well, even if we lost a bridesmaid. I had purchased the bridesmaids dresses online and had got an extra one in case we needed matching material for any reason. So, when the one Bridesmaid went MIA, the bride chose her other cousin to stand in her line... and wouldn't you know, the extra dress I bought fit her like a glove! It couldn't have been better if it were planned!

We walked down the aisle to Pachbel's Cannon and placed a flower in a vase at the altar to represent our well wishes for the couple. By the time we all placed a flower, the vase was filled and a beautiful "community" bouquet was created with all sorts of different flowers with different meanings. The bridesmaids carried white roses in our bouquets with cobalt tank-style dresses and the groomsmen wore white roses, black tuxes and cobalt ties. The bride walked down to the Classical music that is usually played for English Royalty, which is very appropriate! The Bride wore a simple champagne colored floor length gown with a tiara and lace cascading veil that almost reached the ground. She looked classic. The groom wore a black tux with periwinkle accent. We were a gorgeous wedding party.

When the couple was reintroduced to the party, they were escorted through a tunnel of guests blowing bubbles. Daddy-daughter dance: "I Loved Her First", Son and Mother dance, "Moon River", Couple's Dance "Somebody."

The cake was a gorgeous white creation of Rep. Christine Johnson - three tiers with roses and daisies and simply the very best wedding cake I have ever tasted. She also created the flowers as a present from Michael Marriott and his boyfriend Adam. WOW were they ever stunning!

My baklava went over very, very well. There was still a ton of food left, but that always happens. Better to have too much than not enough. Fresh fruit, veggies, cheese, sourdough breads, strawberries, homemade salsa - it was a feast.

When everyone was gone, Lindi was a pro getting the sanctuary cleaned up with everyone's help. I couldn't do much, but Sarah vacuumed everything, we had extra hands putting tables and chairs away and cleaning everything up for services the next day. We finally fell into bed about 2am.

The church was hot, the food was great, the dancing was fun, the company was awesome and we all had a great time, celebrating the new marriage of two amazing people.


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