Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Sorry I Haven't Been Around

If for no other reason than I haven't really felt like blogging much. I am tired most of the time and doing all I can do to keep peppy and perky is taking it clean out of me. I guess I could just highlight my life with bullets.

  • I bought Lindi a new car, a silver Honda Civic with a moon roof and everything
  • Sarah is graduating on June 1st and we are celebrating June 9th at our house with our kick-off-to-summer bbq
  • We have a new kitty. She's cute.
  • I cut off all my hair and donated it to locks of love. Money went to Huntsman Cancer.
  • My brother sold his house and moved to Nephi
  • My job is great. I've already received commendations
  • My back is worse
  • Hosted a beautiful Bridal shower for a dear friend which was a huge hit, complete with personalized Cookbooks, handmade soaps and custom caramel boxes with the couples pictures.
  • I started my incense company and have a booth at Pride Day. Brynn and I already began selling at Earth Jam, which was fun... Looking forward to Pride!

Oh, and if you haven't heard from me and think you were supposed to, I am sorry. Email me and get back in touch. Life is crazy, and frankly, I am weeding some people out of my garden. I am to the point again that I am sick of extending hands and pleasantries for people who ignore me or could care less. As Toni would say, "I don't give a rat's a**!"

Dawn's Shower

Connie and Brynn at Earth Jam

My Beautiful Incense

Lindi and Sarah at the Zoo


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