Friday, March 02, 2007


... Is a little darker, a
little more saddening

a little less happy and little more maddening
a dear soul has danced away from us
and into the arms of her beloved...

I read of Kathy's passing this morning and it hit me pretty hard. She was the activist I always aspired to - one with compassion and tenacity, a strong fist and an even stronger embrace.

How can anyone look at her passing as anything but a horrible tragedy?

Her strength in fighting the LDS Church, in fighting the US Postal System, in helping Sara fight breast cancer, then fighting to simply live after Sara was gone proved too much. How blessed she was to live so richly and devouring each and every bite life had to offer. How lucky she was to find her soul mate - and need to be with her forever.

I guess, in the big picture, she did what anyone would do. Cross Heaven and Earth to be reunited with the one she loved. How brave we all should be.


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