Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Weekend Update

I know it's not the weekend, or Saturday Night Live, but here I am anyway. Take it or leave it!
I ended up making a trial run of Dawn's Groom's Cake and it was beautiful. I learned how to dip Tuxedo Strawberries, which was really fun, and the white fondant cake with chocolate ganache turned out beautiful. Now my challenges are to flavor fondant because I can't stand plain. Yuk. Our family and neighbors love it when I have a new project because they get to eat the trial cakes and goodies. I will have one more dry run before the wedding just to make sure I have everything perfect for her perfect day!

I have been collecting all the things I need for her Bridal Shower invites and as they come in the mail I get more and more excited for the partay! :)

I will be at home tomorrow - and there is so much work to do before I leave. I am having a scope to see if I really do have a hiatal hernia and if I need surgery. Yay. I am looking forward to the Versed, though. Ha ha!

If I post tomorrow, it may be drug induced, and I won't remember it - which might be fun in and of itself.



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