Thursday, February 08, 2007

Very Cool

My Kua Energy

September 10th, 1972

Energy Number: 5

"The Compassionate Mother"

In Feng Shui, you are considered a "West" person.

Living for you is nurturing others with your talents and gifts. You are a great networker and collaborator, and when you work with others you are at your best. You are so used to giving to others that in order for you to have great energy, you need to let others take care of you. Having young and creative friends around you will stimulate you, and your creative genius blossoms by being in these relationships. Meditation and spirituality are part of your daily upgrowing as without a higher source your life is mediocre.

Your Directions:

  • Success: Southwest

  • Health: Northwest

  • Relationship: West

  • Wisdom: Northeast


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