Thursday, December 21, 2006

M is for Music

Christmas wouldn't be complete without music - and that's what the Secret Santa brought for is! Celine Dion's Christmas CD. Beautiful and perfect for all the WRAPPING I have left to do!

I never did tell you what happened at Lindi's Christmas Party! Everyone was so sweet to me - I am sure they all knew what had happened since we had to get Sarah on Lindi's insurance right away. No one mentioned eBay or how my job is going, which is usually a big topic of conversation.

We were at the Loco Lizard which is wonderfully modern Mexican with the best Margaritas ever! It was beautifully decorated and there was a HUGE table full of presents for the Managers. Her bosses buy 20 different lovely presents for their Managers, ranging from iPods to Jazz tickets to CDs and DVDs so they can play White Elephant exchange and still have a really nice gift when they leave.

Earlier in the week, Lindi had mentioned she wanted to get me an ipod for Christmas, when she noticed that her boss had bought 5 of them for the Managers. She was hoping to win one of the iPods for me for Christmas.

Anyway, during the dinner, Lindi's boss handed her a bag and told her it was something she had left at the office. Puzzeled, she looked in the bag and saw an iPod - one of the ones her boss has bought for the game. She took her boss in the next room and asked her what this was for. Her boss told her that with the recent events (losing my job), they wanted to make sure Lindi had a really nice present to give me for Christmas. Lindi was stunned and taken aback quite a bit. She told Lindi that she is family - and family takes care of each other. Her boss also knows I have a few health problems and wanted to make sure Lindi knew that if we needed anything - a loan, an advance, anything, that she could come to them and they are there for her.

I also found out that her boss didn't know that their Managers didn't have the option to add their Domestic Spouses to their insurance (the crew can) and would be checking on that immediately with their benefits broker.

Maybe losing my job and bringing the plight of committed partners who lose health insurance will have a ripple effect - this could mean workplace equality for Lindi and the other Gay and Lesbian managers in the business - perhaps this might trickle up to the Corporation and McDonalds will finally be able to call itself truly LGBT friendly. They have always been very warm and welcoming, so I don't doubt that they would consider this as a positive thing.

Who knows. At any rate, this may affect a little change. And Lindi knows how very loved and appreciated she is. What a Christmas Blessing!


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