Wednesday, December 06, 2006

A Grand Weekend

I love 3 days weekends. It really gives me a chance to recharge a bit.

Sunday was Lindi's Dad's b-day, so of course, i made him a cake. he's abig Nascar fan, so I made just a regular butter cream frosted chocolate/raspberry cake, and created a little dirt oval with fandant, and decorate with mini Oreos (tires) Matchbox cars and fondant flags. We thought it was really cute - another idea of Lindi's.

Monday was lazy day for me, then Lindi and I got to go to dinner at Madeline's Steakhouse. Um um, good! It is highly recommended.

Tuesday I went up to Huntsman for a followup mammogram, called a compression or "spot" mammogram. Basically, they saw some growths and needed a closer look. Since I have all that wonderful scar tissue, after #3 view, I was in full blown wracking sobs. I had 6 done. Luckily for me, the spots are just calcifications, but I need a repeat in 6 months. Yay, more pain! Ha ha ha.

Anyway, back to work today. Sorry, not much of a talker today. But I did get these in the mail from Surfas.

For Fun

For Valentines

For Poker Night

Thanks to Hilary for the great recommendation!


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