Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Moulin Rouge Bridal Shower Cake

(Please Note Obi-Wan to the right of the cake. Yes, my boss John took this picture...)

It turned out better than I dreamed! The lacey texture I was going for didn't really work on the fondant (I will need more practise) and the cake store was out of golf leaf paint, so I went with Hand-Beading edible gold pearls - which turned out beautifully.

I wanted the red color a little more deep, but I think the light red was fabulous. (My hands are still red!!) I got the idea of the mask topper from Sarah and Lindi. I actually went to look for a small black top hat like Nicole Kidman wears in the movie, but no avail. I found this gorgeous mask at a costume store (a steal at only $5), the black ostrich feathers are actually wrist bands and the red feathers are a child's boa - all of which can be placed on the Bride at the Bridal Shower!

The lady who commissioned the cake was so pleased - she even gave me a tip! This is by far the most intricate and highly priced cake I have done. It could easily be one of my core designs - good for Mardi Gras, Phantom of the Opera... Very versitile design.

I am liking this cake thang.


  • That is an absolutely GORGEOUS cake!! Dylan and I spent one morning at breakfast talking about how you should seriously look into doing this as more than a "past time"...you are incredibly talented, love doing it....and should DEEPLY consider doing this as a job!! Beautiful cake.....absolutely beautiful!

    By Blogger Lorene, At 5:35 AM  

  • You are too sweet! I really enjoy it, but I take too long to create a cake - I couldn't make a business out of it. (This one took approx 5 hours with the hand beading) I got an order for my first Wedding Cake yesterday, so I am excited for that challenge! :)

    By Blogger Connie aka The Goddess (CrimsonDove), At 6:12 AM  

  • Beautiful! I love working with fondant. Yours is so smooth!

    By Blogger Hilary, At 12:36 PM  

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