Monday, February 19, 2007

Productive Weekend

I loved this weekend! I was able to spend some serious quality time with the family and that is always so nice.

I am hosting a Bridal Shower for my bestest friend Dawn and I am so excited about it! Lindi and I went shopping and bought all the things so I can make 20 invitations (Jolee's Boutique purple daisies, butterflies, stamps, ink, paper, vellum, cards, embellishments, eyelets...) and got a hella deal on heart napkins and plates since it was after Valentines Day. SWEET! I planned the menu and the games (not the lame ones) and even contacted AvenueSweets about a very special guest gift - customized for the happy couple. Dawn even asked me to make the Grooms cake, a beautiful white fondant cake with chocolate ganache and tuxedo strawberries. I am thrilled to be a part of her big day.

When we returned home from shopping, Lindi and I took on a huge project - our Kitchen. Since I don't have a craft room, and limited storage space for all my baking supplies, we had installed a large silver restaurant rack on the wall to help store everything. We had purchased plastic drawers to store all my craft supplies... but as my collection grows, the space runs out. Lindi and I gutted the kitchen - removing duplicates, broken things, even glasses we never use and put all my craft project supplies on the kitchen table to put away later.

That took us into the evening, and since Lindi had to open the restaurant on Sunday, we watched our weekend movie, The Departed (WOW!) and I sent her to bed at 9pm. I then took to the kitchen and organized EVERYTHING - throwing away things I will never use, labelling all the drawers and getting everything protected. It looks amazing. When I looked up, it was nearly 3:30 am!

Lindi normally wakes up at 3:45 to open the restaurant, so I made her breakfast, came upstairs and gently woke her up with a Diet Pepsi and Breakfast sandwich and fell into bed - sleeping almost until she came home from work.

Sunday was the day I reserved for Sarah's Valentine's Day dinner - since I have TWO Valentines I have to have 2 dinners! I made her favorite : Chicken Parmesan, Cesar Salad, garlic bread sticks and Orange Dream Pie. We had a beautiful candlelight dinner and some laughs, mostly at Lindi's expense. They finished dinner and took dessert (some oatmeal cookies I made) to her mother's house while I cleaned the kitchen (three days worth of dishes! ick!), and then fell into bed...

I am excited to be planning a Poker Night and Dinner with D and T... I laugh so much when I am around them. It's good to spend time with good friends.

Have a great week!


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