Thursday, March 08, 2007

Clotted Cream and the Emergency Room

Doesn't sound very good, does it. Well, so far, that sums up my week.

Monday, a few of my friends here at work and I were talking - come to find out that they are all fans of tea. Well, I just so happen to have 14 different kinds at my house and had the idea of a Tuesday Tea Party. I stopped by London Market and picked up some Devon Cream (otherwise known as clotted cream) and some traditional blackberry jam - but they were out of crumpets, so I had to settle for English Muffins.

Tuesday, I put out a display of my teas, muffins, cream and jam and we done had ourselves a nice little morning tea party. I had never had clotted cream before, but it was beautifully rich and not sweet - a perfect compliment to the jam. I was reading up on it and it can be used in sauces and in regular cooking too, and since I bought the BIG jar (at $12.50 a piece) I think I am going to make some cream sauces with it too... it was so fun, we have planned it for every Tuesday!

I then got the call from my Mom - she had been throwing up since 10pm the night before, couldn't keep her pain meds down and her pain was out of control. I rushed to the house, picked her up and took her to Pioneer Valley ER - and I have to say they Dr and the Nurse who took care of her were absolutely superior. The doctor consulted me as if I were her colleague and luckily, my mom had her last 4 blood tests in her medical file she keeps with her - and we found out that her sodium had dropped to the point that she was constantly nauseated - and had been that way since December. It was a good catch on the part of the Doctor and although she wasn't completely out of pain, she was sent home much more comfortable that when she went in.

Her Primary Care doctor saw her on Wednesday and was mad they didn't admit her. Well, if SHE would have answered the pages the ER doctor sent, she could have had a right to an opinion. Since she didn't, she can kiss my butt. I think PVH was absolutely thorough and let my mom go home to recoup in her bed than to be drugged out of her mind in the hospital. I tell you what - my mom is 150 pounds soaking wet and she took TWO rounds of morphine like she was a lumberjack.

Work is going well, and they are putting more and more responsibility on me. I love it here - and they love me, which is a great match.

Sarah returned from her trip to Reno with the grandparents, and she was sick almost the whole time, poor thing. I am so glad she's home.

My blog will be moving in the next month or so - my friend Michael, who owns Awen Web Design, is designing me a customized blog! He is an amazing web designer, so I am excited to see what it will be... The location will be at I'll let you know when the blog is up and going! :)

Have a fantastic Thursday!


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