Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Is It Over Yet?

Holy cow! I finally get a moment to catch up on everything I've been putting off - mainly blogging. I won't promise to be better, because that is just a way for me to put you off, really. I will try - as soon as things slow down after June Okay, okay, I will just try.

Let's start at the beginning.

Beautiful Sarah officially graduated on June 1st. Cottonwood High was packed - and we all had to sit in separate seats, but we enjoyed it just the same. After Graduation, Lindi, Sarah, her best friend Jess and I went to Arctic Circle (her choice, not ours) for a quick meal, then home to host a Grad Night party for her and her friends. They were laughing and giggling until 3:30 when I had to tell them to go to sleep or face my wrath. They slept.

June 2-3 was Gay Pride Day and Brynn and I were able to get a booth this year. Lindi was a fantastic help. After a few snafus with chairs and tables, we were very pleased at the turnout. Saturday was slow but steady - we were able to get our feet under us so to speak. We were place in a corner lot, which was perfectly placed under trees with lots of space behind us, so our friends used our booth as a meeting place and an area of respite. We brought a cooler of water and soda, which was a very good investment. We were placed in between a vendor from Arizona, who sold me a rainbow kitty cat hat and the Pampered Chef, who gave me a trifle bowl!

We ran our booth from 11-7, and then enjoyed the En Vogue concert. WOW. We sold out of some of the incense so we made our way back home, I made 300 more sticks, Lindi spoon fed me Raisin Bran and then we collapsed into bed.

Sunday the 3rd was a mad-house. Seriously. We did as much business in the first 2 hours on Sunday that all of Saturday combined. As the parade ended and people entered the festival, it just got crazier and crazier. Thank god for Brynn, who helped me keep up. We were going strong until about 4 when we winded down and could breathe a little bit. We packed up and left at 6.

I sold out of a lot of the incense and will have to make more for the online store. I gave away 70 business cards and made about 20 contacts for our mailing list. All in all, we pulled in about $450 after booth rental and insurance.

It was a great experience and now we have a better understanding of that kind of festival. I really had a great time.

Saturday the 9th was Sarah's BBQ to celebrate her 18th birthday and her graduation. My parents, Lindi's parents, Sarah's father's parents, family and friends gathered for hamburgers, hot dogs, chicken legs, and carne asada, 5 different salads, 10 different beverages and a HUGE chocolate sheet cake, played games and at the end of the evening, toasted marshmallows and made s'mores in a portable fireplace. It was fantastic. I couldn't have done it without my loving sister, who kept me in check and helped me tremendously. We were cleaned up, food put away and in bed by 12:30. Yessssssssssss.

Sunday, however, my body told me it had had enough and wouldn't let me go any further. I spent the day in jammies and relaxing with medication.

And so comes Father's Day (no biggie), my beautiful sister and brother in law's birthdays (fun) and Teinamarrie and Christopher's Wedding. The lady who did the alterations on my wedding dress is going to make my bridesmaids dress, and just in time. Lindi is getting fitted for her tux (roawr) on Thursday. YAY!

And now, back to work. I shall fill you in on more comings and goings (with pictures) later in the week. SMOOCH!


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