Friday, July 06, 2007


This week has just been crazy, and that is quite the understatement.

I got my bridesmaids dress from my seamstress and it is quite the stunner. I am so happy with it, it fits like a glove and it a gorgeous shimmery cobalt blue. Something I will definitely wear again, I am sure. I finished tying over 200 koufeta and placing them in a gorgeous mahogany basket.

Yesterday, work was slow, so I took advantage of my personal time off and took the afternoon to run errands. I ran to my parents and visited with them for a while, did some more wedding shopping, bought the couple their champagne flutes for toasting, got my nails done, got Lindi's birthday presents, and last night I finished making 80 pieces of baklava for the dessert table.

Today, I need to cut up 15 pounds of cheese for cheese platters, decorate the champagne flutes and mahogany basket with ribbon and burn the CD with the music for the wedding. If I can take a half a day today, that would be fabulous.


There is usually a wedding in the LBGT every year that is the "event" of the season. I am sure this is it, like My wedding was in 2003. It is going to be busy, hot and a whole lot of fun! There has been many varied challenges to this wedding including the death of one of the planners (Goddess be with you, Chad), vendors backing out, changes in the line - but we've gotten through them all. We can't wait to celebrate!

Sunday, we had a bit of bad news. My Uncle Mike passed away. He is married to my great aunt Tessie, my grandfather's sister. He and my father were very close, growing closer over the last few years. They would go to lunch together every week when Mike was up to it. Uncle Mike was, in many ways, the father my dad always wanted. Mike accepted people for who they were, not for what was expected for them to be. He always had the sweetest smile. He never judged me or any of my family - we were just his family.

I am sad for my father, but happy for Mike and his release from his earthly body, which was so painful.

His funeral will be the 12th, since we are waiting for people to come in from out of town. My work has been wonderful, giving me the day off with pay and any other time off as I need.

So, I am ready to P A R T Y tomorrow, get my groove on and just enjoy some happiness!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SHANE! I hope this year brings you all the happiness in the world!

Your Daily Number: 5

You may find yourself discussing or embarking on a trip today. Not a great day for details; it's better to take advantage of today's self-promoting energy to get off the beaten path and be social.


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