Monday, July 23, 2007

"The two men appeared out of nowhere..."

(first line of HP-7)

What a week and weekend!

Monday, Sarah officially got the remainder of her things and moved into Grandma’s house. It’s weird not having her around, but she wanted to try a new place, a change of scenery. Lindi and I are planning what to do with that other room, probably a den/craft room.

Thursday, I came home and decided to make a special meal for Lindi – for no good reason. I made homemade au gratin potatoes, from scratch, mind you, New York Strip steaks, medium rare, marinated in garlic and black pepper and grilled, green salad and banana cream pie for dessert. It was nummy.

Friday evening, Lindi and I spent a quiet evening together, then I went out to get the new HP book at Midnight. It was quite the adventure, and actually, the crowds weren’t too bad. I was home and in my recliner at 1 am and began reading. I went to sleep at about 3 out of sheer exhaustion.

Saturday morning, I got back up at 10 am and continued reading until Lindi and Sarah came in at about 4:30. The grandparents were out of town, so Sarah wanted to stay overnight with us (I think she missed us, really) They took me to dinner, we played cards and they went to bed while I stayed up to 1am and FINISHED THE BOOK. 24 hours ~ 759 pages ~ pure happiness. I stayed up ‘til 4 watching TV until they awoke to open the store, and I collapsed into a coma until Lindi came home at 2:30.

About the book – yes, people die. Beloved characters, even. Made me sad, but you knew it had to happen. It showed more of Harry’s compassion. That was good. It wasn’t really surprising, the ending. It was a fine ending, and she set it up to end in almost any way your imagination could go, which just showcased her talents. I had read some spoilers and I am here to say that they were not that accurate, although a couple were close. I can’t wait to see it on the big screen.
Lindi is out of town this week at a convention in Vegas and I am really not sure what to do with myself. I get 4 days of solitude. There are some friends to catch up with, dinners to be had, alone time and sleep I have been missing.

So, today I am at work and raring to go (not really). I am part of a new pilot program, which is a great opportunity for me, but it’s going to take some getting used to. I moved from my old desk to a new one (with a view, no less) and sitting around new people. Instead of being grouped with other BR's, I am now sitting with my team - each of us serving a specific set of clients. It's going to cut down on emailing and IMing and shold prove to really facilitate client focus. I am used to a very quiet environment, and this one is a little nosier than I am used to. Thank goodness for headphones.

HAPPY 21st BIRTHDAY LORENE! (ha,ha) Hope it is filled with love and happiness!

My love and thoughts out to Toni. Chin up, sister. We love you guys.


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