Thursday, March 26, 2009

10 Years seems like Yesterday

His blond hair was cut short in stark contrast to the last time I saw him in High School. Back then, his hair was wild and long. But that afternoon, he was sitting in my kitchen with a Marine 'do and a guitar on his knee.

I remember the day was exceptionally hot, so he wasn't wearing a shirt. He proudly showed me his beautiful tattoos - ink he had earned, not just bought for fashion. I always knew he had a remarkable talent for music and I had heard him play before. But today, it was just him and I in my kitchen.

He told me I was special... a very special friend to him. We didn't know each other well, we had only really met in passing. But when he came home from Iraq and found out his name was on the Soldier's tree in front of my house, and when I greeted him with yellow roses at his home, he knew I was "cool."

He remembered the last musical he saw me in. I had forgotten he played in the band for that production.

His voice was sweet and hung in the air, the notes of his song wrapped around me like a comforting blanket. His toughened finger strummed the strings and I smiled without thought. I can't even remember the songs he played, but I remember how he made me feel. In that moment, I felt that he and I were kindred.

I had a glimpse into what would make this high school friend such an amazing man. Compassion. Humor. Valor. Fierce loyalty.

10 years ago, three men took him from me - from us all. 10 years ago, a wife lost a husband, a boy lost a father, a mother lost a son. And the world lost one of those amazing souls that graces us for only a moment, but changes it forever.

We lost you, Marc, but we didn't lose your memory. And we are all better people for the journey.

I miss you.

In Loving Memory
Marc Todd Atkinson
August 16, 1970 - March 26, 1999


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