Monday, July 02, 2001

Complete Exhaustion

So, this weekend was a busy one. Saturday was great, AVON at my mom's and Gracie doing yardwork. Plus, my mom is the proud owner of a new white purebred toy poodle. His name is still up for grabs, but there were some creative suggestions...CottonNuts was my father's favorite. I think the day ended with Sir Randolph William CottonBalls. Dogs make people crazy!

Sunday was just as busy, spent the day with Gracie and Jennifer, and it was wonderful! We had brunch, then off to see Shrek (WHAT A CUTE MOVIE!!!) at Jordan Commons, flower and yard shopping at Target (all garden supplies 75% off!), a visit to the new Asian Market in West Jordan, dinner at Ruby Tuesdays and games at Gasoline Alley. Jennifer has become quite the green thumb, taught me how to put a hanging flower pot together properly, I hadn't ever really done that kind of thing. We were soooo exhausted by the time we got to bed at 10:30. Poor Gracie's knees were killing her, but luckily we found some white Tiger Balm at the Asian Market, so she's happy. Can't wait for her surgery to be over with so she will be out of pain. And she was pleased with the Longan, Lychee and Toddy Palm Root we picked up there, too. Oh, man, you have never had fruit cocktail until you've had Asian fruit cocktail...mmmmmm....

I have to say, if you want a very clean, very nice Asian Market, this new one is just off of Bangerter and 6200 South (Dixie Valley strip mall) and is simply WONDERFUL. I am so happy they opened. There is also an exquisite Thai restaurant next door. If you can't find me at any given time, I will probably be there shopping or eating... I just hope people find them and patronize their establishments or they will go under, just like all my other favorite places.

And now, 'tis Monday and back at work am I, eating asian coconut jelly candies (great for the blood sugar...tee hee). My boss is still in Arizona, which makes this Monday quite pleasant. I am going to try to post this here, hopefully the firewall won't screw it up. If so, I'll be sure to save it to email and post it from home tonight.


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