Tuesday, August 21, 2001

A Big Shout Out

To all my homies, who I love and miss. Scottie, you aren't very far from my mind lately, I am rooting for you. Lorene, kick ass and take names! (Like I have to tell you to do that!) Toni, you always have the best food-related-shindigs...can't WAIT for September 1st! And you're cute. Oops...I mean you and Lorene are cute. *wipes sweat of fear from brow*. Dylan, you are the man! And one of my heros. No shit. Jennifer, I love you. But you already knew that. Dee, you are a pleth-or-a of hilarity! JJ, give the other half of the brain a rest would you? Between the two of us, we could (and do) run the office...William/Ken, *shimmy shimmy*...where the hell is the strudel recipe?!

And Gracie. Thank you for all your love and help the past few days. It's hell, but it will all be over soon. I love you.

Okay, can I take home the Grammy now? *grin*

PS: BUY A RAFFLE TICKET FROM ME OR DIE!!!!!!!!!! Wow, THAT was very Christian of me...how about this...PLEASE BY A RAFFLE TICKET FROM ME OR DIE!!!!!! Yeah. That sounds better.


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