Tuesday, August 21, 2001

"...You Are the Dancing Queen..."

I have a new cellular phone. I am much excited. It's beautiful. It's colbalt blue (my favorite) with little silver sparkles. And it plays "Dancing Queen" by ABBA whenever anyone calls. And you can send me messages from your email. And I can send text messages to other AT&T Wireless users. And I can play games on it. What else could a girl need?

I have decided that although AT&T is good, at times, they puzzle me. They assigned me an Ogden phone number. I don't live in Ogden. I have never lived in Ogden. I think I may have driven through Ogden once or twice,...on the way to somewhere else... As a matter of fact, I don't believe I have ever had the desire to become a resident of any part of Weber County. But AT&T thinks I should have an Ogden number. *scratches chin* Quite interesting. The little girl on the other end of the Customer Service line couldn't figure it out, either, so they issued me a new number. Good thinking, Matilda. *smacks head* Oh, and since I ordered the phone on August 8th, they prorated my bill back to August 8th. I actually received the phone, by Airbourne, on August 20th. So, they seem to think I am gonna pay for 2 weeks worth of service I couldn't have possibly used. Methinks another phone call when I receive my prorated bill will clear that up. Good thing I kept the Airbourne tracking number and all the paperwork...even though they can check their record and see when I actually called in my activation. Siwwy rabbits. They must think I'm stupid. Or Mormon.


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