Tuesday, April 23, 2002

GAWD, I needed that!

So, today was a day from hell. It seems that work has been really hectic lately. I feel like I am constantly running, getting nowhere. So, today when I came home, jumped in the shower and started my "de-stress" routine. Wanna hear about it? Sure ya do, otherwise you wouldn't have wandered to my blogspot to begin with.

Washed and conditioned my hair with Pantene Curls, shaved my legs (OHMIGAWD, can't remember when I WANTED to do that), exfoliated with AVON's Emadame Exfoliating Soy Shower Gel, got out, wrapped my hair in the Turbie Twist, lotioned with AVON's Emadame Cream, then proceeded with my facial: AVON Clearskin Deep Pore Cleanser, AVON Deep Heat Mask (this stuff is wonderful), AVON's Porefection Mattifier, AVON's Botanisource Moisturizer, AVON's Botanisource Eye Gel (absolute Heaven) and Strawberry lip balm. Now I feel like a whole new woman!!!! So, if you wanted to know what the AVON lady uses, there it is. (The links take you to the catagories, I hope you can find those products).

Gracie called from St Louis, then from Florida. She made it safely to the airport, not sure if she'll make it safely to the curb with her luggage, but we'll see. She said the Neo-Nazi Security Rent-a-cops weren't really bad, so I am pleased to know that. She was checked THREE times, even wanted her to run her $20 film through the xray machines. She actually told them HOW to check her film so they didn't ruin it... and they listened! I can see it now, Gracie in her Security Officer Teaching stance, feet apart, chest proud, in her "teacher" voice: "Now, look, the package is sealed, obviously it hasn't been tampered with, now run the explosive tracer around it, there ya go, now let it pass, because if you put it through the xray machine, it will destroy this caliber of film, there ya are, nice job, Sparky!" I hope she has a nice time, and gets some much deserved fishing, partying time with the Gang out there.

Well, looks like I am going to start writing for Pencilstubs again. Not sure what this column will be about, but it will be thoughtful, emotionally provoking, and generally off the top of my head. So, I think I will get to that now... or run to watch the Real World. Wanna see that bitch Tonya cry her wittle eyes out. Blog ya later.

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