Saturday, April 20, 2002

Hey There!

It has been an interesting week, let me tell you. AVON majorly screwed up my order, and, long story short, I have a fabulous leader who was able to help me put together some promos that otherwise would have been shit. I absolutely love my AVON business, but it takes a lot of time to do everything, and I feel strapped for any breathing room lately. Sometimes I feel as if I am always running, but not to or from anything, just running.

Had a "girls nite" with JJ and Kristen last night, and it was amazingly fun. We soaked our feet, drank wine and ate salads, desserts and chocoate fondue. More ladies were invited, but it ended up only being the 3 of us, which I think was Divinely inspired. I gave Kristen a pedicure and just shared all those girlie feelings with each other. It is amazing to me how someone who you've only known for such a short while can be so close to you in spirit. Kristen and JJ are simply amazing women. The 3 of us are in such different places in our lives, but share a synchronicity that I haven't found very easily in today's world. It's nice to bask in wonderful estrogen! I ended up drinking waaaaay too much wine and crashing on JJ's couch. Luckily I brought a change of clothes in anticipation of such a situation.

NEW WINE RECOMMENDATION: Thanks to JJ - Muscat Dessert Wine... tastes like golden honey sunshine, perfect for a pampered evening with strawberries and chocolate... plus, it's imported from Greece! Reasonably priced at $9.00/bottle.

Loving the new computer. Haven't had much time to play on it, but I am spending the early afternoon catching up. Tonight is Toni & Rob's anniversary party at Bucca deBepo's. I am looking forward to it. Hopefully, I won't be so tired I can't enjoy the wonderful company.

Well, gonna jump, Gracie will be here to pick me up soon. HOLLER!


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