Wednesday, April 17, 2002


I know I have been bad. It has been waaaaay too long, and you are all anxious to hear my daily ramblings.

Well, Now you get your chance.

Today, AT&T knocked a big hole in the wall of my office and granted me the keys to the internet kingdom (I can hear Lorene in the background saying, "Thank Gawd!"). G and our friend Alan built me an AWESOME computer, which I absolutely LOVE. Now, my AVON business can get organized, and I can email at will, bugging you with endless stories of my seemingly amazing Pop-Star life.

Ok, whatever.

I promise to be a good girl and update my blog, although life has been sorta strange lately, not sure if y'all want to hear about it or not.

And I will be able to write columns for again. Mike is excited and I think I am, too.

So, hope all is well in your world, and Blog at ya later. Take care of each other!


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