Friday, February 01, 2002

I am Going to Kill My Boss

So, today was the day I could’ve easily ended up in jail.

But you all would be proud. I kept my temper in check and still have a job AND my freedom.

I have a problem with bosses who say one thing, mean another, and want something else entirely. And I let my boss know today that I wasn’t his whipping girl…hell, if I wanted abuse, I would’ve stayed at the hospital.

I won’t go into horrible detail, but suffice it to say lunch consisted of comfort café mocha and dark chocolate espresso beans. It works.

I also have to share a pet peeve of mine. I sit in front of a LARGE window in a beautiful office building, right on the first floor. My office overlooks the handicapped parking stalls in front of my building. Several times during the day, people, who are not disabled, park in those stalls “only for a minute”. This drives me INSANE! I could make Salt Lake County sooooo much money if they gave me a ticket book. At $50 bucks a pop, I am thinking I could generate AT LEAST $500 a day in revenue. Over an average 23-working-day month, I would generate about $11,500. Of course, it would decrease dramatically as soon as people figured out that they CAN’T park in those stalls. There are only two of them, it’s not like the entire parking lot or anything. Gawd, can’t people just walk 5 feet or so? GEESH!!!

Oh, and if you decide to visit your girlfriend in her car during lunch, don’t make out where everyone can see you… while you’re both smoking. It’s just gross.


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