Monday, December 24, 2001

God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen...

I know I have been a slacker. I am sorry. I should be severely punished for my careless disregard to my reader's needs. Smack me when you see me...

Well, the happy ho ho shopping is done, thank Gawd. I have been enjoying much of the festivities of the season. Friday, we celebrated Jeffiner's birthday by seeing Lord of the Rings. BIG thanks to Dylan for securing 18 some-odd tickets in advance so we could see the 7:30 show together, which quickly sold out. It was one of the best movies I have ever seen, although I was very tired and in a bit o' pain (for some unexplained reason, my back has been bothering me). Plus, I got to see the Jeffie and the Scottie... damn, I like those boys, which was evident by the smackaroo I planted on Jeff's forehead. Life is just better having them around. When I was done there, I met up with an old High School friend who was in town, had some coffee and BAD service at Dee's. Now I remember why I stopped going there...

I am house-sitting for JJ whilst she traipses all over California and Nevada during the holidays. It's been nice to have a place all to myself. Haven't had G has stayed with me a couple of nights so I am not all creeped out.

Saturday came and went, flying right by me. G and I went shopping for kids...and me, too. We trucked up to VF Factory and were pleasantly surprised to find a very calm and relaxing day. I believe it would be packed with shoppers, but everyone thought like me and stayed home, so it was relatively slow. I picked up a pair of jeans, a pair of khakis, a new cell phone faceplate (in rainbow...what else?) and some bamboo plants for my Serenity Corner in my room. I am a very happy girl. Now my Buddha has shade.

Sunday was great, helped The Mom with the baking, shopping and wrapping, then the Gang gathered at the Poor's home for Spaghetti with Toni's Meat Sauce and Ragu' mean Lorene's Alfredo Sauce. Ooooh, and the INFAMOUS Toni Garlic Bread...gawd, I was in sheer heaven. I love Italians! The Man Show and South Park were raunchy diversions later in the evening, which I needed immensely. I have to say, time with the friends, albeit not as often as I would like, has been such a joy. Now, if I can only get Rob to bury a pig Polynesian style, my life would be complete!!!!

Today I went into work and was promptly sent home by The Boss (AKA Grumpy Greek Man...I can say that because I am Greek...) at 10:30am. Merry Christmas to me. Met up with the Parents and went to a Christmas Luncheon and now I am back at JJ's place. Tonight is more festivities with G's family.

I have the family thing to do tomorrow, on Christmas Day, which will be very cool and very welcomed. I am quite tired, feeling the brunt of the shopping and get-togethers. But at least I haven't been bored. I think God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen is my theme for the day. I need a nap.

MERRY CHRISTMAS to everyone! May the Lord Bless You All this Holiday Season!
For Unto Us a Child is Born...


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